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15% Off Townsend Terrages Sets

Terrages pastels are a large pastel made into a square shape that can accept a more vigorous and forceful application without crumbling. These pastels were developed in conjunction with Wolf Kahn to achieve the consistency he wanted.

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20% Off Rembrandt Sets of 90 Full Sticks

The Rembrandt pastels are towards the harder end of the scale in terms of softness. This allows many techniques and effects to be implemented which are a lot more difficult with the very soft pastels. They have very good lightfastness and are free of pigments based on lead, cadmium and cobalt.

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10% Off Blue Earth Singles

The Blue Earth Pastels are made using high density mineral pigments which gives them their very soft and dense consistency. The pastels have excellent covering power and you can lay down colour very quickly.

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Feature: Holbein Square Soft Pastels

The Holbein Square Pastel is an excellent NuPastel replacement, given NuPastels are no longer available as singles. The degree of softness, pigment purity, size and shape as well as the method of packaging for the Holbein pastels have been widely acclaimed by working pastelists.

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15% Off Sennelier Oil Pastel Singles

The Sennelier oil pastels were developed during 1949 in collaboration with Pablo Picasso who wanted a medium that could be used on a wide variety of surfaces without fading or cracking.

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15% Off Gondola Set of 242

Handmade in Kyoto, Japan since 1919

Gondola Pastel are the oldest pastel maker in Japan, being establised in 1919 with the mission to produce pastels which represent the colours of Japan. This has resulted in a range of 242 pastels with lovely, subtle colour graduations. The pastels are approximately 2cm in length and 1cm in diameter, making them very easy to use and control. The pastels can be characterised as having a firm feel which allows for good line work whilst retaining the ability to blend.

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Best Price for Unison Pastels

Fantastic prices for both sets and singles. Unison pastels have a fantastic texture which results from them being hand rolled rather than extruded. The pastels are based on traditional pigments such as cadmiums, cobalts and natural and synthetic earths as these pigments have stood the test of time.

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15% Off Kirsty Rebecca General Realism Set

Kirsty Rebecca is an award-winning Australian artist who specializes in realism. Kirsty largely uses Pan Pastels for underpainting for use with pastel pencils.

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$3000 First Prize.
Competition Opens for Entry on 1st April 2024

Opening in March 2024, will be running an on-line competition and exhibition for soft pastel paintings which will have a $3000 first prize. We are commited to supporting and promoting soft pastel painting The new competition aims to help to raise awareness of soft pastel painting as well as providing a larger prize pool for soft pastels artists.

The competition will be independently judged and restricted to entries from Australian and New Zealand artists. The competition will open on 01 April 2024.

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15% Off Sennelier Sets of 30 Half Sticks

There are four sets to choose from; Assorted, Urban, Plein Air Landscape, and Seaside. The Sennelier pastels were first introduced at the turn of the 20th Century. Whilst the colours and tones have evolved the making of the pastels themselves has remained relatively unchanged. The sennelier pastels are highly recommended and are part of the history of colour itself.

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10% Off Sennelier Pastel Card Sheets

Sennelier Pastel Card is available in 14 colours and three different sheet sizes. Pastel card is pH neutral and has a specially formulated coloured coating containing cork powder. The cork powder provides the tooth that holds the pastel and the grain could be compared to a 400 grit sanded paper.

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25% Off Colourfix Smooth Pads

Colourfix smooth is good for detailed work and pastel pencils. There are four different pads, each of which has 12 sheets interleaved with glassine paper. The pads are white, black, cool colours and warm colours.

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20% Off Renesans Oil Pastel Sets

Renesans oil based pastels are soft and supple and can easily be smudged, blended and cut back through. The pastels can be manipulated for impasto effects or brushed out with the use of an Artist Turpentine. The pastels will adhere well to nearly all clean and primed surfaces.

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The Big Pan Pastel Sale

- Sets of 10 Pan Pastels now $99.95
- Single Pan Pastels from $10.75
- Compact sets of 20 only $164.95
- $300 off set of 80 Pan Pastels and Accessories. Now Only $695 including free postage (pictured above).

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