15% Off Schmincke Set of 80 Half Sticks

Schmincke pastels contain the purest medium fine ground artistís pigments in the highest possible concentration. Contrastingly, the binder is kept to a minimum. This provides for one of the softest pastels on the market, a joy to use which takes you back to the origins of colour.

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New: Blue Earth Drifter Set

Following on from the very popular Nomad set, the Drifter set is a more compact set of 28 which also provides an excellent mix of colourful and desaturated colours.

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15% Off Uart Pads

Uart is one of the most popular pastel papers in the United States. It is a sanded pastel paper which provides a reliable, quality surface for pastel artists. The surface is consistent from edge to edge providing confidence and control for the artist. It is 300gsm, Ph neutral and acid free.

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New: Unison Midnight Set

Set of 8 very dark colours including many of the new dark pastels.

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10% Off Rembrandt Set of 45

Rembrandt pastels are towards the harder end of the scale in terms of softness. This allows many techniques and effects to be implemented which are a lot harder with the very soft pastels. They have very good lightfastness and are free of pigments based on lead, cadmium and cobalt.

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$30 Off Conte Pastel Pencil Set of 48

The large diameter of the Conte pastel pencil (5 mm) lead gives genuine freedom of creation and has an unrivalled feel. Conte Pastel Pencils are suitable for use with all pastel and coloured papers. They are available in 48 colours and can be sharpened to a fine point for detailed work but are equally useful for creating larger areas of colour.

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The Daily Pastel

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Teresa Brimo, Summers End teresabrimostudio.com/

Feature Your Paintings on The Daily Pastel
If you would like your paintings to be featured on  The Daily Pastel  please contact us and we will provide some instructions for sending your pictures to us. All styles of pastel paintings are welcome. Don't be your worst critic and think your paintings are 'not good enough' as there are many people who like lots of different types and styles of pastel paintings.

New: Pan Pastel Dawn Emerson Collection

Dawn Emerson is the author of the ground breaking book 'Pastel Innovations' and also a very successful gallery artist and educator. The Pan Pastel Dawn Emerson Collection contains 40 colours, pastel trays and a selection of Sofft Sponges as well as links to on-line demonstrations containing techniques, tips and colour mixing charts. Pan pastels allow pastel colours to be mixed and excel in layering with transparency.

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15% Off Colourfix Pads

Colourfix Pads contain 12 sheets and are interlaced with glassine paper to protect the artworks. The Warm themed pads contain 3 sheets each of Sand, Soft Umber, Aubergine and Terracotta. The Cool themed pasds contain 3 sheets each of Blue Haze, Rose Grey, Fresh Grey and Elephant.

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Holbein Pastels only $2.95 per stick

Holbein soft pastels excel in the richness of coverage when applied and the blending ability achievable. Each stick is made in a square shape for working versatility, whether with the flat sides or the sharp edges.

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The Big Pan Pastel Sale

- $30 Off Joanne Barby Sets
- Sets of 10 Pan Pastels 10% Off
- Single Pan Pastels from $9.45
- Compact sets of 20 only $144.95, Save $41.70
- Set of 80 Pan Pastels and Accessories Now Only $592.50 including free postage (pictured above).

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New: Pastelmat Half Boards

The half boards provide a rigid surface which is great for Plein Air work and also for working on an easel. The half boards are a very convenient size being 50x35cm and they are available in 12 colours. The Pastelmat surface is applied directly on 1800 micron acid free archival mountboard to create the boards.

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Pastels - Pure and Vibrant

Pastel painting takes you back to the origins of colour. Lying somewhere between sketching and painting, pastels encompas the best of both. Pure enjoyment resulting in beautiful art works.


A Guide to Softness

Soft Pastels vary in their degree of softness and we are often asked about this. The list below is arranged from softest to hardest and is based on our experience.

Ultra Soft Pastels

Pan Pastels
United States, 92 Colours

Very Soft Pastels

Germany, 400 Colours

Blue Earth
United States, 336 Colours

Art Spectrum Extra Soft
Australia, 180 Colours

France, 525 Colours

Creamy Soft Pastels

Terry Ludwig
United States, Selected Sets

England, 402 Colours

Townsend Soft Form
United States, 408 Colours

Townsend Terrages
United States, 190 Colours

France, 300 Colours

Medium Soft Pastels

Holland, 218 Colours

Art Spectrum
Australia, 154 Colours

Japan, 144 Colours

Hard Pastels

United States, 96 Colours

United States, Selected Colours

France/China, 48 Colours














AS Soft AS Extra Soft Blue Earth
Conte Generals Girault
Holbein Nupastel Pan Pastels
Rembrandt Schmincke Sennelier
Terry Ludwig Townsend Unison
Oil Pastels
Cray Pas Sennelier  
Ampersand Colourfix Hahnemuhle
Mi-Teintes Mi-Teintes Touch Pastelmat
Pastel Premier Sennelier UART Premium
Pastel Pencils
Bruynzeel Carbothello Conte
Blenders Charcoal Primers
Sofft Tools Storage  

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