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New Schmincke Half Stick Sets

Schmincke have released two new half stick sets; 60 Half sticks and 120 Half Sticks. Both sets have an excellent colour spectrum and are an economical way to purchase a great range of Schmincke pastels.

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15% Off Renesans Sets

Renesans have a range of cardboard box sets and also the very popular set of 99 in a wooden box. Renesans soft pastels are handmade in Poland. The manual production and natural drying process give the pastels a soft creamy texture which allows for a wide range of painting techniques. The quality of the pastels is assured through the use of quality pigments and genuine Polish kaolin.

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15% Off Uart 12x18 Inch Packs of 10

Uart is one of the most popular pastel papers in the United States. It is a sanded pastel paper which provides a reliable, quality surface for pastel artists. It is 300gsm, Ph neutral and acid free. he paper handles many layers of pastel with ease. The paper also accepts underpainting with oils, watercolour, inks and acrylic.

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20% Off Dawn Emerson Pan Pastel Set

Dawn Emerson is the author of the ground breaking book - Pastel Innovations and also a very successful gallery artist and educator. The Pan Pastel Dawn Emerson Collection contains:
40 colours
2 pastel trays
4 Sofft Sponge Bars
4 Sofft Angle Slice Sponges.

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Best Price for Unison Pastels

Fantastic prices for both sets and singles. Unison pastels have a fantastic texture which results from them being hand rolled rather than extruded. The pastels are based on traditional pigments such as cadmiums, cobalts and natural and synthetic earths as these pigments have stood the test of time.

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15% Off Rembrandt Set of 45 in a Cardboard Box

The Rembrandt pastels are towards the harder end of the scale in terms of softness. This allows many techniques and effects to be implemented which are a lot more difficult with the very soft pastels. They have very good lightfastness and are free of pigments based on lead, cadmium and cobalt.

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The Soft Pastels Art Prize 2024
On-line Exhibition

First Prize, Sticks and Stones by Sue Cochrane

The on-line exhibition of all entries in the 2024 Soft Pastels Art Prizes is now available for viewing. Many of the paintings are for sale and very reasonably priced.

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20% Off Sennelier Black Box Set of 120 Half Sticks

The Sennelier pastels were first introduced at the turn of the 20th Century. Whilst the colours and tones have evolved the making of the pastels themselves has remained relatively unchanged. The sennelier pastels are highly recommended and are part of the history of colour itself.

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15% Off Mi-Teintes Pads

Mi-Teintes is a 160gsm traditional pastel art paper. One side is relatively smooth whilst the other side has a honeycomb type grain. Mi-Teintes is a paper which will stand up to a lot of working.

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The Big Pan Pastel Sale

- Sets of 10 Pan Pastels now $99.95
- Single Pan Pastels from $10.75
- Compact sets of 20 only $164.95
- $300 off set of 80 Pan Pastels and Accessories. Now Only $695 including free postage (pictured above).

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25% Off Colourfix Smooth

Pads and Sheets

Colourfix Smooth is available in 20 different colours and two different sizes. Colourfix Smooth has a very fine tooth which is good for detailed work and pastel pencils.

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